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Here are a few important sources for your use.

Arbor View Dental Center, Dr. Douglas Matz, DMD Excellent Mercury and Latex Free Clinic located at 10011 SE Division, Suite 309, Portland, OR 97266 (503) 253-9418 www.arborviewdentalcenter.com

Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN) — See resources and housing map of pollution over the United States. www.CIIN.org

Chemical Sensitivity Connection — Great LINKS page! Based in Washington DC, it was established to provide information and support to chemically sensitive people-those with environmental illness or multiple chemical sensitivities; to disseminate information to physicians, scientists and others; and to encourage research on chemical sensitivity disorders and minimizing hazards to human health. www.chemsense.com

Cure Porphyria Organization — Chat room and resources for Porphyria, basically an inability to detoxify everyday pollution, which has been proposed as the basis for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Chemical Injury. This is becoming a major 20th century problem as accumulated exposures cause inability to be able to make a living and be financially solvent as many workplaces are excessively polluted. Porphyria may either be inherited or acquired from certain toxic exposures, as seen in the military from the Gulf Wars. www.cureporphyria.org

Green Guide for Health Care — The first quantifiable sustainable design toolkit for hospitals. It sets the standard for high performance healing environments and highlights the health benefits of green buildings. www.gghc.org

A Healthy Practice LLC is dedicated to providing gentle relief and caring support for the gut. Linda Hallmark, CT, proprietor, specializes in cleansing, diets, colon hydrotherapy and support in living in a toxic world. (503) 826-9615 www.ahealthypractice.org

Holy Lamb Organics — Holy Lamb Organics natural bedding products are handmade with the finest quality materials of organic cotton and pure wool. They offer organic bed & body pillows, wool comforters, wool mattress tops, organic sheeting, toweling, baby items, and an Eco Wedding & Gift Registry. They are a zero waste company, recycling or composting all of their industry by-products.  They are located in Olympia, Washington and offer retail, wholesale and on-line sales. www.holylamborganics.com

Injured Workers’ Alliance – "We advocate for a more worker-friendly workers’ compensation system and for safer workplaces." Comprehensive support with volumes of excellent referrals. Responsible for passage of a bill to address Independent Medical Exams and Insurance issues causing harm to injured workers.  See www.injuredworker.org

Metro — This is the source of our Hazardless Home Handbooks, a guide to hazardous household products and effective alternatives. A cooperative publication of OR Department of Environmental Quality (503) 229-5263 and Metro.  Many publications available also on fact sheets, natural gardening.(800) 732-9253. www.metro-region.org

Northwest EcoBuilding Guild — Offers speakers, meetings and conferences at several locations on healthy building topics. www.ecobuilding.org

Pesticides: Beyond Pesticides — Safe and effective alternatives to toxic chemicals and pesticides in hospitals; "Controlling Pests Without Harmful Pesticides." www.beyondpesticides.org/hospitals/index.htm. Also see NW Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides in Eugene, OR for ingredients of toxic chemicals at www.pesticide.org.

ReBuilding Center of Our United Villages — A nonprofit organization. Reclaimed recycled and new donated cabinets, flooring, kitchen, lighting, mirrors, bathroom, indeed all building and remodeling materials. Accepts donations and gives tax deductions to share products with our community. (503) 331-1877. www.rebuildingcenter.org

Scorecard — Get an in-depth pollution report for your county, covering air, water, chemicals, and more through your zip code. www.scorecard.org (through www.environmentaldefense.org)



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